Zu einem Text von Wolfgang Nedecken
Silkscreen printing on translucent paper

28 x 20,6 cm, (unfolded) 57 x 78 cm
in total 40 copies in two editions and 3 e.a.


Frauke Otto

I usually take the texts for my books from classical literature. The texts are answers to the emotional states which are triggered by these texts. I experiment with traditional materials and others that are new and have not been used before for the standard interpretation of books. In this connection, it is important for me that the realisa tion of handcraft techniques is secondary to the clarity of the design materials used.






Vita :

1961 born in Nordhausen // 1980 GCEA-levels // 1982-83 book-binding in Leipzig // 1984–89 working in the book-binding establishment in Halle // 1987-89 trained to be craftman // 1990 master examination (M.A.) // Since 1990 head of the workshop at the Hochschule für Kunst und Design (College of Art and Design) Burg Giebichenstein Halle.








Berthold Brecht

Inkjet print on transparent paper,
wire-o-binding, acrylic glass
21,5 x 30
Edition 10 copies, 2001








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