Die Farbe der Leere
Vittorio Sereni

Leipzig 1996, 21 x 34 cm, Auflage/edition: 250
6 Typo-Grafiken, Offset/offset, Siebdruck/silkscreen,
Fadenheftung und Leporello/stitched binding with concertina,
Pappband mit Transparentpapierumschlag/paperboard with
transparency paper cover
Fragments from poems in a Sereni anthology were typographically arranged and
positioned between the poems set in
German and Italian. When the dust jacket is removed, the book can be unfolded
concertina fashion, enabling the
typo-graphics to be seen across the whole page.







Vita : Sabine Golde

born in 1964 in Leipzig
1994 Diploma in book design and
graphic design at the Academy of Graphics and Book Art, Leipzig
1994?95 scholarship in Norditaly
1998 master examination; scholarships in Vienna, Austria
and with the Silver Buckle Press in Madison, USA
1992 founded the Press "Carivari" together with Christiane Baumgartner
since 1992 participated in book fairs in Europe
Working in the field of time based art, artists' books and grafikdesign.








my books are mostly designd with typography
special topics are
contemporary musik (John Cage, Erik Satie) and poetry.





über den Schlaf der Metropolen
aus: Anatomie Titus Fall of Rome
Ein Shakespearekommentar,
von Heiner Müller
36 Seiten, 28 x 16,5cm, Aufl.: 9
Carivari, Leipzig 2004
Stempelschrift auf Packpapier
AcrylWalzungen auf Backpapier
Handeinband, Fadenheftung












Poem by Friedrich Hölderlin
(in German language)
Leipzig 2006,
size: 15 x 21 cm, opened: 261 x 15 cm
Edition: 22 copies
36 pages, Leporello, paperboard










45í für einen Sprecher
John Cage

Leipzig 1999, 14 x 17 cm, Auflage/edition: 99
Fadenheftung/stichted binding,
dreiteiliger bezogener Pappband mit CD/tree-part-paperboard with musik-CD Sounds arenít just sounds but letters,
states the narrator (as written by John Cage) at one point during 45í.
The text is based on a number of recitations he gave and has a rhythmic structure stemming
from not only the time framework but also the typographic marks.
The piano part composed by Cage can be heard on the CD in an interpretation for prepared
piano by Steffen Schleiermacher.



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