Paul Virilio: Speed

(Geschwindigkeit = Stillstand)
22 x 16,5 cm
26 Videostills/26 videostills,
edition 80













Christiane Baumgatner:

»Speed« deals with the abstraction of landscape, the reduction of environment to structure as well as the con-sequent translation of natural forms into artificial ones.
A video was made of neutral sceneries with fields, bushes and settlements at different speeds.
Suddenly the landscape appears to the human eye as an abstract flow of lines. It looks as if the coloured stripes thus formed have changed the landscape into a code by reducing it to its basic substance.





1967 born in Leipzig, Germany
1888-1994 study Academy of Visual Arts (HGB) Leipzig
1992 setting up »Carivari« artis press, together with Sabine Golde
1994 Diploma
1994-1996 Postgraduate study in graphic art, HGB Leipzig
1997-1999 Postgraduate study Royal College of Art (RCA) London
1999 MA Printmaking, RCA London
working in the field of time based art, artist books and printmaking

homepage: www.christiane-baumgartner.com







Johann Wolfgang Goethe: Faust, Vers 1224–1237

20 x 17,5 cm
5 Grafiken/5 prints, Siebdruck/silkscreen,
Japanische Bindung/japanese binding,
edition 140





Das Ende der Worte (The end of the words)

64 x 54 cm / 8 x 27 cm
Siebdruck auf japanpapier/silkscreen on Japanese paper
Leporello in Schuber/concertina in slip case
edition 50



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Courtesy Johan Deumens